About AMCA

AMCA Systems, LLC provides a powerful solution for seamlessly transitioning third-party administration for large and small self funded health insurance groups, delivering immediate improvements in process and savings via a consolidated service offering.

State of the Art Software

AMCA Systems, LLC can seamlessly provide enrollment, billing, retiree billing and COBRA administration through its Connected Benefits software that is customizable to adapt to your specific business requirements and that integrates with all major health insurance companies.

Customer Service Support

AMCA Systems, LLC has a team of experienced health insurance personnel available to act as your customer support team and personally handle the many inquiries and issues that arise.

Financial Accounting and Consulting

AMCA Systems, LLC can also provide financial accounting services and financial consulting in connection with all aspects of self funded health insurance groups.

AMCA Systems, LLC is led by Carleen A. Burns, who has served as a financial controller and consultant for many healthcare organizations over the last 8+ years. Her in-depth experience of the operations, insights into current process gaps, and knowledge of the key stakeholders, position AMCA Systems, LLC to immediately improve the effectiveness and efficiency of any self funded health insurance group.

Please call today or email today to see how AMCA Systems, LLC can help your organization today.